The Pilates technique will result in improved posture with a firmer and flatter abdomen, supple strong muscles, better resistance to injury, more energy and improved sleep. Everyday activities such as walking and sitting become more graceful and relaxed.


The many benefits include:


  • A more toned body makes you look good
  • More flexibility allows you to move more easily
  • Relaxed breathing calms stressful people
  • Strength and energy so that you are less weary at the end of the day
  • Agility and grace makes a more efficient sports person
  • Pilates develops and maintains a beautiful body


The services we used to refer to as Clinical Pilates (exercise rehabilitation provided by a physiotherapist) we now call Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation


BodyWise Pilates instructor Zoe is a qualified Exercise Physiologist with advanced Pilates training. We offer a fully equipped Pilates studio and not group mat classes on a floor.


Pilates is a gentle program, suitable for people of all ages, and can alleviate a wide range of problems including reducing discomfort from:


  • Migraine
  • Backache
  • General inflexibility
  • Lethargy


Our aim for you is to develop, with the Pilates method, a lean, strong and supple body for a better life. You can exercise optimally whilst calming your mind and toning your body. But it is still a challenging benefit, a challenging reward system.


Please feel free to come in and view our facilities and equipment

How It Works

All our clinical Pilates clients start with a comprehensive assessment with one of our experienced physiotherapists. These assessments are used to identify exactly what issues you are having, what your goals of Pilates training are, and include a comprehensive physical assessment to identify specific limitations and deficiencies to address through your whole body. Our BodyWise approach ensures each client is working on a individualised program specificaly designed to address their needs and goals. This means better and quicker results.


Following the initial Pilates assessment, all clients will attend up to 5 one-on-one sessions with their treating Pilates Instructor. These first few sessions provide highly supervised and individualised rehabilitation to ensure appropriate performance of all exercise and to continue to develop the client's ideal individualised progam. 


Clients will then join in the ongoing studio sessions. We have no more than 4 clients in the studio at any one time, and you are always supervised by your Pilates Instructor. Most people will attend for at least 12 weeks to achieve their goals, and then may continue with maintenence programs or wish to set new goals.

As with any exercise  - consistency is key, and we usually recommend attending PIlates sessions twice per week for the best (and fastest) results.

Principles of Pilates

Concentration - Centering - Control - Flowing Movement - Precision - Breathing

Concentration: Pilates demands that you focus on the muscles being exercised to avoid substitution by unnecessary muscles giving you the maximum benefit.


Centering: This means developing pelvic and scapular stabilisation to improve endurance and quality of contraction so that you "gain more from doing less" which will improve your sports style.


Control: The unique characteristic of Pilates is to maintain core stability through all movements incorporating good posture control and to maintain perfect postural control under increased load conditions, making you look good at the finish.


Flowing Movement: Pilates is similar to dance in that you will work smoothly to prevent jarring of joints and continue to build a fluid movement pattern.


Precision: Pilates is the "intelligent" exercise. Working "smarter" not "harder" allows you to achieve your goals quicker. Pilates is the most sophisticated exercise on this planet.


Breathing: With the special movement, specific breathing helps integrate correct muscle patterning into overall posture. 


Due to the popularity of our Clinical Exercise and Rehab services provided by our physios, Studio Pilates with a Pilates Instructor is only available on Saturdays.


10.00 am to 12.30 pm

All sessions are by appointment only.

Pilates sessions are available on the ½ hour time slot. All sessions are of one hour duration.