Remedial MASSAGE

Remedial massage will help balance, restore and optimise muscle function.

Remedial massage therapy is the mobilisation of the soft tissues for the purpose of normalising those tissues. This will help you by relieving pain caused by muscular tightness, allowing you to get on with your everyday routine.

Our massage therpaists are registered with all major health insurance funds, so you will be able to claim your massage on your health insurance (with appropriate levels of cover, etc.)

Massage Therapist - Penelope Horner

Penelope is passionate about supporting her clients in maintaining health, easing their pain and improving their physical restrictions, allowing them to do the things they love in life. Penelope uses massage therapy to assist her clients in their goals, be it for muscle tension, injuries, acute or chronic pain.

Penelope, a health practitioner for nearly 20 years, has undertaken many courses and trainings allowing her to use a range of modalities and techniques in remedial treatments. 

Her approach is holistic and client informed, as she firmly believes that client understanding plays an important role in their recovery as well as maintaining their wellness.

Penelope’s interests are Pilates, Chi Kung and in furthering her professional knowledge within healthcare. When not studying she can be found at the beach walking my American Akita.

Massage Therapist - Lachlan Shellabear

After completing a diploma of Remedial Massage at the Australian Institute of fitness, Lachie has continued to expand his knowledge and develop his skills by completing myofascial & Kinetic cupping courses. Dedicated to providing the best possible service for his clients, Lachie enjoys collaborating with physiotherapists to help increase mobility as well as reduce pain and symptoms of stress. Whether you are a weekend warrior, an elite athlete, or someone who wants to overcome their pain and tension from everyday life, Lachie is skilled at tailoring a treatment plan to get you there.


Outside of Massage Therapy Lachie is an ex WA elite trampoline gymnast, current head Gymnastics coach who loves Pilates, baking & staying fit in his spare time.