• Are you fed up with ineffective headache and migraine treatments?
  • Are you taking stronger and stronger medication and is it getting less effective over time? Or causing side-effects just as bad (or worse) than the headaches?
  • Does it concern you that many health professionals believe the cause of your headaches is "unknown"?

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The Watson Headache Approach - As seen on The Today Show

Many treatments for headaches only address the symptoms, and try to reduce the pain. Very few aim to address the underlying source of the headaches.

Due to recent advances in the understanding of primary headache (including migraines and tension-type headache) we now have the ability to calm the  brain stem -  the 'headache centre' in the brain - in essence, to turn down the underlying cause of your headaches. A thorough assessment will determine if you are in the 80% of sufferers in whom the neck can be used to 'turn down' the volume of the headache centre. It doesn't matter whether you suffer from migraines, tension-type headaches, cluster headache, vestibular migraine, menstrual migraine or cyclic vomiting syndrome.

The latest research reports in 7 out of 10 cases headaches originate from the upper three neck vertebrae and the brainstem. When these are treated carefully and properly all these headache types can be improved.

The WA Headache Clinic at BodyWise Physiotherapy is the only dedicated non-invasive headache treatment clinic in Perth. Our Headache Physiotherapists utilise a technique known as the Watson Headache ® Approach. This is the only hands on technique developed specifically for headache and migraine, and the only one with research supporting its ability to treat the underlying problem in primary headache - an overactive brainstem. Our treatments are all drug-free, radiation-free, non-invasive and do not involve "cracking" of the spine.

Headache treatment by a WA Headache Clinic physiotherapist at BodyWise includes careful and accurate assessment of your neck and posture to determine the cause and source of your headache so that both the patient and the physio know where it really comes from.

  • Approximately 80% of headache sufferers experience improvements in the severity, frequency and duration of their headaches.
  • We expect to reduce your pain and symptoms within the first 3 visits.

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Take our 2 minute headache survey to determine if this is approach will work for you, and claim your FREE 10 minute discovery call

Our Headache Physiotherapists


ZACH Clark


Level 2 Watson Certified

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