Most people these days travel, and having hip pain can ruin a holiday.

Hip pain can arise in the groin area and deep in the outside of the hip. These two areas usually means the hip is really responsible for the pain.

Leg pain, especially down past the knee and the inclusion of pins and needles sensation usually means the physio needs to include the back in the assessment.

BodyWise physios have the advantage of a large clinic where we can walk you and watch the hip pattern to help us get you right.

Hip physio, if well done, can greatly reduce your pain when walking/climbing stairs, especially when the pain is worse after sitting.

BodyWise physio can help you help yourself and let you travel with pain free hips.

Book an appointment with BodyWise physios at a time when you are at your worst as this will help the BodyWise physios to get right to the hip problem.