We are all born to move fluidly and naturally. Over the years however, various tensions and holding patterns in joints and muscle groups develop. These form the site of weakness and those weaknesses can become critical in the lives of professional dancers.

BodyWise's analysis of your flexibility and muscular holding pattern will predict future injury sites and explain why and where pain occurs for you. An injury analysis will take about an hour and is critically important to dancers who are serious about managing their bodies.

  • Work with your body; the critical rule is to listen to your body. When your body sends a pain message, respond. There are special movements and exercises you can do to decrease pain. 
  • Pilates; BodyWise is the home of Pilates. We can help you prevent a problem from forming.
  • Treatment for injury; the cause of injury is often hidden and will lead to injury recurrence. Our treatment works to remove the cause of the injury. 
  • Strapping; in some cases, we recommend strapping the injured area - but it must be done with great care and accuracy for you to thrive. 
  • Chronic problems; persistent problems like back pain on arabesque, foot pain on leaping and plie, are often the result of ignoring minor pain. It is important that you do not accept pain as inevitable in your life. Pain that is accepted leads to abnormal movement patterns and the injury becomes more difficult to treat. Get to BodyWise early. 

When correctly handled, injuries are a nuisance rather than a problem. Be sports aware and save yourself from pain and disappointment by consulting BodyWise physiotherapy promptly.