Headache treatment by a BodyWise Physiotherapist includes careful and accurate assessment of your neck and posture to determine the cause and source of your headache so we can relieve the pain.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Gentle physiotherapy accurately directed at altering the small bones of the neck reduces pain and increases range of movement which lets you get on with your life.

Back Pain

One perplexing aspect of low back pain is in Medical Imaging where there are many instances of a normal looking image from a patient in severe pain and, contrarily, an x-ray image that shows quite gross bony changes and yet the patient has no pain. We look at you very carefully and our results prove that.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can arise in the groin area and deep in the outside of the hip. These two areas usually means the hip is really responsible for the pain. Hip Physio, if well done, can greatly reduce your pain when walking/climbing stairs pain, especially when the pain is worse after sitting.

Ankle Pain

We know ankle "sprains" can last a life time if not treated well and quickly. Accurate assessment of each ligament and joint is what you should expect. 

Women's Health

Women’s Health professionals help with embarrassing bladder and bowel leaks, as well as urgency problems. They work privately with these common problems.

Men's Health

BodyWise have continence physiotherapists to teach men correct pelvic floor technique prior to or after prostate surgery. Urinary incontinence, or leakage, is to be expected after prostate surgery. Starting the exercises before surgery will help regain bladder control earlier. We assist in managing post-operative bladder control problems and advice how to maximise recovery following prostate surgery.

Paediatric Continence

Our specialised Paediatric Continence Physiotherapist treats children with bladder and bowel dysfunction, night time bed wetting, faecal soiling and chronic constipation.

Sports Injuries

We know ankle sprains can last a life time if not treated quickly and specifically. Immediate, specific to injury, taping and intra joint mobilisation stabilises your injury in days. When fully supported and pain free balancing and rehabilitation can begin.

Dance Injuries

We are all born to move fluidly and naturally. Over the years however, various tensions and holding patterns in joints and muscle groups develop. These form the site of weakness and those weaknesses can become critical in the lives of professional dancers.

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

Computer posture pain in the neck and back can be relieved enhancing work output. Advice and treatment to minimise discomfort is available at BodyWise.


The body is made up of long bony levers and incorrect exercise can slow your rehabilitation. We know how much, or how little, you need to do. In post-operative situations this experience is essential to your speedy recovery.

Real Time Ultrasound

BodyWise physiotherapists use advanced ultra sound imagery so you can see your pelvic floor muscles working correctly. About 30% of people use incorrect muscle patterns and will do more harm than good when doing their “core work” when these exercises are done properly and under our special guidance you will feel results within a few weeks.