Tennis elbow is pain on the outside of your elbow (unlike golfer’s elbow – which is pain on the inside of your elbow). The pain may have a sharp quality right over the bone and sometimes a diffuse pain into the muscles. It is most common in 35 to 55 year olds and commonly last from 6 months up to 2 years if left untreated.

The elbow pain, despite its name tennis elbow, often arises within a day or two of unaccustomed activities involving the wrist and fingers like pruning, using scissors or even an unusually large amount of work on a keyboard. Less commonly it may occur after a change in your grip on a racquet.

Physiotherapy at BodyWise will find out what caused your elbow pain. We will be interested in your elbow joint, your forearm muscles, wrist bones and even the range of movement in your neck.

Treatment at BodyWise may involve elbow mobilisation, wrist mobilisation, advice on specific exercise and what activities to avoid. We may tape or recommend the use of a brace. These tennis elbow problems are stubborn but excellent physiotherapy can reduce them.