“I have got terrible balance; I nearly fell the other day!”

So many people say this. As we age our balance deteriorates over time, but thankfully it can be improved.

A few simple routines on a daily basis, incorporating leg exercises with easy balancing techniques, will give you more confidence doing what you want to do.

As falls can happen in a split second – being bumped in the supermarket, tripping on a map or pavement, confusion with bifocal glasses, sloppy footwear - it is important that you adopt the motto MOVE, REMOVE, IMPROVE. We can easily teach you to strengthen your legs and practise some balance exercises that you can take home. At home we can assess the dangers, like small rugs and help you make the decision to remove obstacles that can easily harm you and destroy your way of life.

Our caring physios can help you help yourself. There are many areas we can assist in. Advice to improve your health by eating well, check your medicines, check your eyesight, have safe footwear and watch for obstacles in and around the home.

A few simple steps will help you get on with enjoying life and prevent an injury that could be life threatening.
BodyWise can offer expert advice to help you “Stay on your Feet”.

“Stay on your Feet” courtesy of the Injury Prevention Council of WA.