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Often people do not take this injury seriously enough. The effects of poor sprain treatment can last a lifetime. BodyWise physiotherapists accurately pin point tendon / ligament and bony joint injury immediately. In most cases x-rays are not needed which means less cost and lost time.

The ankle should be taped to support the tears and still allow freedom of movement, but most importantly these little joints in the foot have to be able to move freely to allow the whole foot to function. The grade of injury will dictate the level of treatment. In most cases we will have you pain free and functional in a matter of days.

Physio treatment of sprains includes:

  • Assessment to reduce joint stress
  • Specific joint mobilisations to get a functional foot
  • Accurate taping to protect the injured joint and ligaments, but still allow freedom to function which means in most cases no crutches
  • Advice to assist your injury and plan for a quick return to sport