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Welcome to BodyWise Physiotherapy.

Based in Claremont, employing only experienced practitioners, we provide a wide range of specialised physiotherapy services with a large Pilates studio and gymnasium on site.

Pilates began at BodyWise in 1991 primarily for the WA Ballet Company where Douglas Joyce, principal of BodyWise, was the physiotherapist. As it proved to be the most sophisticated exercise regime, we introduced Pilates to the Schools of Medicine and Physiotherapy.

Our instructors are post graduate physiotherapists with decades of treatments behind them which is essential for today’s patients. They are truly dedicated clinical practitioners interested in your outcomes and this can make a big difference in your life.

Caring excellence is what you will experience at BodyWise Pilates.

Nothing beats experience in any industry, most particularly in the maintenance of your own body and health. Our physios are post graduate with decades of experience and a passion to make your life better, pain free and more active.

Capable and experienced hands are what you will feel at BodyWise allowing you to expect a positive outcome. BodyWise physiotherapists have a great advantage when treating you as BodyWise Staff participate in continuing education to ensure that your treatment is the most current and advanced.

Knowledge and experience are essential to excellent body care.

Women’s and men’s personal problems in the pelvic floor area are important. They can stress your daily life. Our expert specialist physiotherapists are dedicated to assist people with prenatal, postnatal, prostate surgery and pelvic floor problems to gain a return to normal function. Children with bowel and bladder dysfunction are helped in this caring clinical setting.