Do you have a secret problem?

Common complaints heard by continence physiotherapists:

  • When I cough I leak
  • When I need to go, I cannot hold on
  • I have to go so often during the day
  • I have to get up too many times during the night
  • I feel something coming down at the end of the day
  • I feel that I don't empty my bladder properly
  • I have to strain to empty my bladder

At BodyWise, specialised Women’s Health physiotherapists work privately with people of all ages to assist with common physical problems related to a weak bladder. They can include any of the concerns in the list above.

What can we do to help?

The physiotherapists use ultrasound imagery to ensure you are using your pelvic floor muscles correctly. About 40% of people will actually use incorrect muscle patterns and will do more harm than good. When these exercises are done properly you will feel results within a few weeks.

Does exercise make a difference?

Individually prescribed exercises help bladder problems, minimise prolapse and enhance sexual fulfilment, making life much better. Apart from exercises, we also offer advice regarding bladder calming and training protocols which help you 'hold on' when you need to go, manage persistent bed wetting, bowel problems and pelvic pain.

BodyWise is in the unique position of not only offering continence physiotherapy, but also specialised exercise classes specifically designed and run by our physiotherapists. Once you have mastered these classes you may choose to move into the other form of exercised offered by BodyWise, such as Pilates or resistance classes or you may continue with the pelvic floor classes. Either way the pelvic floor muscles will be strengthened correctly and you can join in any activity whether it is tennis, golf or walking the dog with confidence.

Special Exercise Classes for Pelvic Floor

Research has demonstrated that pelvic floor exercise taught by physiotherapists cures or markedly reduces stress incontinence in 67% of cases. You may be able to avoid surgery. Many of us neglect these muscles, despite good intentions, and pelvic floor (bladder) problems can arise.

BodyWise pelvic floor classes help you prevent unwanted symptoms of pelvic floor weaknesses and avoid embarrassment. We can give you confidence and freedom of action.

  • Improved awareness of your pelvic floor muscles enables quicker reduction of symptoms
  • A regular intensive work out for your pelvic floor muscles allows the instructor to help you achieve your goals

Rebatable from your private health fund.

Class Times


8.00 am to 9.00 am